174th Attack Wing leader from Baldwinsville Retires after 39 Years of Service

New York Air National Guard Lt. Col. Ernest Lancto, the commander of the 174th Attack Wing Logistics Readiness Squadron from Baldwinsville, N.Y., retired after 39 years of military service during a ceremony at Hancock Field Air National Guard Base Dec. 2, 2023.

The 174th Attack Wing Mission Support Group Commander, Col. Michael Adamitis, presided over the retirement ceremony, which included speeches, awards, and farewells.

During his four-years as the commander of the Logistics Readiness Squadron, Lancto provided invaluable guidance to over 70 Airmen, supporting the wing, three major commands, eight tenants, and 12 aircraft. His responsibilities included overseeing a diverse fleet of more than 243 vehicles, with a combined value exceeding 15 million dollars.

Lancto began his military career in 1982 when he joined the Army. His initial assignment was with the 152nd Tactical Air Control Group at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. In 1994, Lancto chose to return closer to his roots, transitioning to the New York Air National Guard and contributing to the Northeast Air Defense Sector at Griffiss Air Force Base in Rome, N.Y.

Following his commission in 2004, he held various positions at the 109th Attack Wing and the 174th Attack Wing.

Lancto deployed multiple times, contributing to both stateside and overseas missions. Over the years, he has earned several awards and decorations, including those for Meritorious Service, Commendation, Achievements, Humanitarian Service, and Antarctica Service, among others.

Among his accolades are several state awards, including the New York Humane Service To New York State Medal, Exercise Support Ribbon, Recruiting Medal, Defense of Liberty, and the Long and Faithful Service award.

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