2015-16 State Budget Analysis: Impact on NYS School Districts

ALBANY, NY (04/13/2015)(readMedia)-- NYSASBO Releases 2015-16 Budget Analysis

The New York State Association of School Business Officials (NYSASBO), released today its analysis of the 2015-16 state budget.

The analysis details changes to State Aid to school districts, grants to school districts, and the impact of the budget on school districts grouped by region and need/resource capacity category. It shows that:

• School districts received an overall $1.4 billion, 6.4 percent, increase in State Aid and grants, most of which was in the form of state formula aid ($1.3 billion)

• Foundation Aid increased $428 million and $603 million in Gap Elimination Adjustments (GEA) were restored.

• Still owed to school districts is $434 million in GEA and $4.2 billion in Foundation Aid (for full phase in of the formula enacted in 2007)

• The greatest GEA restoration for school districts grouped by need/resource capacity went to average need school districts and these school districts still have the most remaining GEA reductions.

• Foundation Aid still due to school districts for full phase in of the formula enacted in 2007 is greatest for high need urban and suburban school districts and least for low need school districts.

• New grants provide $30 million for prekindergarten education for three and four-year olds, $75 million for assistance to persistently failing schools, and $10 million for teacher excellence fund grants to fund performance awards of $20,000 to eligible teachers rated highly effective.

"While the recently enacted state budget continues an upward trend in state support for public education, many school districts still receive less state aid than in 2008-09 and continue to reduce educational programs and lay off staff," said Michael J. Borges, NYSASBO's Executive Director. "This means schools have not completely dug out of the fiscal hole created by the Great Recession and exacerbated by the tax cap. The state still needs to both help schools reduce their costs by eliminating outdated and redundant mandates and continue the upward trend in school aid that utilizes a formula that is equitable, adequate, sustainable and stable," Mr. Borges continued.

Visit www.nysasbo.org under Breaking News to view and download report.