24 students cast in 'The Crucible' theatre production at CCU

The Department of Theatre at Coastal Carolina University will be presenting "The Crucible," directed by John Woodson, starting on Friday, Nov. 9, in the Edwards Theatre. This is a student-led performance and will transport the audience to the Puritan world of 1692 Massachusetts, where Abigail Williams and her cohort of girlfriends lead a Puritanical assault against a local farmer and his wife. In this production, jealousy and seething resentments pit neighbor against neighbor as a community is thrown into turmoil while accusations of witchcraft stain the people in paranoia.

Two dozen students have been cast in the play.

To view these students click here: https://coastal.meritpages.com/achievements/24-students-cast-in-The-Crucible-theatre-production-at-CCU/114139