300 Hudson Valley-based NY Army National Guard Soldiers now providing communications support in Middle East

LATHAM, N.Y. (06/04/2018) (readMedia)-- The New York Army National Guard's 101st Expeditionary Signal Battalion, a signal unit headquarters in Yonkers, has taken over responsibility for providing communications support for American forces operating across the Middle East.

The 101st officially took over the mission from the Alabama Army National Guard's 115th Expeditionary Signal Battalion during a May 19 ceremony at Camp Buehring, Kuwait.

The transfer of authority ceremony featured the casing of the 115th's unit flag-or colors-- for the journey home, and the uncasing of the 101st's colors, indicating that unit's responsibility for the mission. When an Army unit's colors are cased they are rolled and covered for transport or storage.

The 300 New York Army National Guard Soldiers will provide communications support for more than a dozen operating sites in seven countries across the Middle East as part of the coalition effort to defeat the Islamic State, and provide security in the region.

The transfer of authority ceremony marked the end of the 115th's mission in support of Operation Spartan Shield. Spartan Shield is the name for American operations to ensure stability in the Mid-East and build partnerships with area nations.

The 300 members of the 101st Expeditionary Signal Battalion, which has elements in Peekskill and Orangeburg as well as Yonkers, left the Hudson Valley from Stewarts Air National Guard Base in March. They conducted additional training at Fort Hood, Texas before departing for Kuwait.

In his remarks druring the ceremony, Lt. Col. Ian Seagriff, the commander of the 101st, thanked the Alabama Guard Soldiers for accomplishing their mission and setting the New York National Guard Soldiers up for success.

He praised his Soldiers for the work they have done in getting ready for their current mission, and urged them to keep working hard during the next nine months of their deployment.