Anti-violence Messages On Basketballs

Free Basketballs With Powerful Messages

ALBANY, NY (07/06/2020) (readMedia)-- The time is right to show as much love and support for our city children and teens. With gun violence at a record high and the shut down of our city parks Victory Church has come up with a idea to bring love and peace back into our neighborhoods.

We must begin to love and support each other at this time.

With the basketball hoops going back up Pastor Charlie has decided to give out new basketballs with Quotes from famous players. Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Charles Barkley, Labron James and others.

Also a message of love and encouragement from local people.

The Balls will also have a hot line phone number on them to turn in illegal hand guns.

We need to get out in the streets and help make matters better by displaying love in our neighborhoods.

Every basketball court in the city of Albany will be targeted to give out basketballs to children and teens playing at those courts.

When: Starting Tuesday July 7th. Every day for the next two weeks basketballs will be handed out throughout the city.