Appalachian Herbs and Homespun Medicines Offer Low Cost Alternative

Staunton Parks and Recreation to offer Appalachian Herbs and Medicine Class

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STAUNTON, VA (06/04/2011)(readMedia)-- Margaret Marangione (Maggie), Blue Ridge Community College Instructor, has lived on a small sustainable homestead for over 20 years. She keeps a variety of livestock and gardens and she also knows a thing or two about naturally occuring herbs and their usage. Maggie will share her expertise of Appalachian Herbs and their usages and healing properties on Thursday, June 9th at Montgomery Hall Park in Staunton, Virginia. The class begins at 6pm in the Conference Room and is two hours in duration. This Staunton Parks and Recreation offering costs $19 as the participant learns to identify the rich native plants growing in our nearby mountains (Blue Ridge and Allegheny) and how the Native Americans and early mountain settlers used them for food and healing. This is an opportunity to gain knowledge that may come in very handy if medicines and other supplies become scarce to too expensive.

For more information, call Staunton Parks and Recreation @ 540-332-3945.