Brian Howard's comments on SAFE Act are disingenuous and hypocritical

Candidate shows a shocking ignorance of the issue critical to millions of New York gun owners

ALBANY, NY (06/04/2014)(readMedia)-- Statement from Thomas King, President, NYS Rifle and Pistol Association:

"I got a good chuckle reading Democratic political candidate Brian Howard's recent spin about the unconstitutional SAFE Act. Howard's comments were disingenuous, hypocritical and, frankly, demonstrated a shocking ignorance of an issue that is critical to millions of New York gun owners. Howard is using an old Albany political trick to try and have it both ways on the issue of guns. It won't work. Voters know -- and I will remind them at every opportunity -- that the very same people who supported the SAFE Act are the ones who would be paying the bills for Brian Howard's political campaign. That is a fact. He can try and spin as much as he wants, but it's crystal clear that Brian Howard is no friend of the Second Amendment. In fact, he's a 'GINO' -- 'Guns In Name Only'. The unconstitutional SAFE Act is the worst law to come out of Albany in a long time and it must be overturned. In fact, since the unconstitutional SAFE Act was enacted, our membership has more than doubled. Senator Kathy Marchione has stood strong, spoken out, and led the fight against the unconstitutional SAFE Act -- and she's done so from day one. Gun owners, sportsmen, hunters and Second Amendment advocates know they can count on Kathy to keep fighting for the Second Amendment. The New York State Rife and Pistol Association and our more than 44,000 members will be 100 percent behind Senator Marchione's proudly backing her re-election."