CCU Graduates Keep Adding Chanticleer Links at FogChain

James Koch, a 2015 Coastal Carolina University BSBA graduate in Management, recognized real career potential when he met Patrick Quilter, the founder of a small but growing technology company in Myrtle Beach called Quilmont Solutions. Now, several years and an acquisition later, he is making sure to share that career potential with over a dozen CCU interns and graduates with FogChain, a fully integrated, end-to-end software development life cycle (SDLC) and quality assurance solutions provider. The latest "CCU to FogChain" career success story comes from Kiley Lamagdeleine, a 2020 May BSBA in Marketing graduate and former FogChain marketing intern who is now working as a full-time marketing professional for the company.

"I posted the internship position on CCU Handshake, and she applied within the first 10 minutes", Koch said. Lamagdeleine was actively looking for an internship to get marketing experience, and she immediately applied as soon as she saw the posting. "I got the internship position and had a great experience. Now, in my full-time role, I do a lot of social media marketing and content development-things I really enjoy", Lamagdeleine explained.

Thanks to Koch's efforts to stay connected with the Coastal Carolina University Career Services office through Handshake, career fairs, career center networking events and social media, FogChain (and Quilmont Solutions) have hired over a dozen interns/staff over the years. He predicts that with the growth in the technology industry and the increasing need for cloud based business solutions, Fogchain's hiring needs will continue to grow with opportunities for a wide variety of majors.

As the latest link in the CCU FogChain legacy, Lamagdeleine expressed her gratitude and excitement for her new role as a full-time professional. "I am so happy and grateful for the chance to work from home and be a part of this company. I know a lot of recent grads who are facing a lot of uncertainty", she said.

Koch and Lamagdeleine offered some advice for current Coastal students and recent graduates as well. "Be open to possibilities-I never imagined that I would work in the technology industry, but I love it!", Lamadeleine offered. "Get internship experience, and don't overlook remote work options, especially now", Koch said. Finally, they both recommended using resources like CCU Handshake and getting Career Services office help with resumes and other internship and job search issues.

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