COVID-19 Crisis Closes State Courts, CVA Survivors Call for 1 More Year!

Urge lawmakers to pass an extension of the lookback window as part of the budget

NEW YORK (03/19/2020) (readMedia)-- "The COVID-19 crisis has closed state courts effectively shutting down the civil justice system in New York and curtailing the 1 year look-back window of the Child Victims Act to 7 months. This makes it nearly impossible for victims and the courts to do what they need to file, process or hear claims. The window expires on August 13th, and given the uncertainty of the current situation, there's no telling when the system will be back up and running. This is a serious hindrance for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse who depend on the look-back to access their rights under the law. That's why we're urging Albany lawmakers to pass a one year extension (S.7082/A.9036) as part of the budget now. We need it now more than ever."

Asher Lovy, survivor, Director of ZA'AKAH

Amelia Tramontano, survivor

MaryEllen O'Laughlin, survivor and President of the Foundation for Survivors of Abuse

Bridie Farrell, survivor and Co-founder of NY Loves Kids

Jason Gough, survivor

Safe Horizon


While the window in New York is limited to one year, New Jersey and North Carolina have two year windows and California has a three year window. Vermont and Guam have eliminated the civil statute of limitations and Hawaii is on the verge of extending its civil statute of limitations a second time. Since New York's window opened in August 2019, nearly 1,700 cases have been filed. Keeping the window open another year will give more survivors time to access to justice. More people will come forward, additional abusers will be held responsible and more survivors will find closure.