Campbellsville University Letter to Kentucky Baptists

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Campbellsville University Letter to Kentucky Baptists

CAMPBELLSVILLE, KY (07/16/2014)(readMedia)-- July 16, 2014

Dear Kentucky Baptists:

On behalf of Campbellsville University, we write to update you on important steps that have been taken to protect the mission of the University and to avoid both undue influence and the imposition of theological and doctrinal control.

Campbellsville University has not changed. As stated clearly in Vision 2025-Preparing Christian Servant Leaders, which is a policy and planning statement approved by our Board in August 2009, Campbellsville University remains Christ-centered, Baptist-related, and church-connected in our approach to Christian higher education. Campbellsville University has never been stronger – academically or financially, or in our commitment to Baptist higher education – and we want to emphasize the point that we have not changed.

The Campbellsville University Board met on Tuesday, July 15 for purposes of discussing the future of CU's affiliation with the Kentucky Baptist Convention. CU currently is an affiliate of the KBC under the terms of a Covenant Agreement signed in 1986.

The Board of Trustees of Campbellsville University has adopted a revised set of bylaws which gives the Board more flexibility in its relationship with the KBC. Campbellsville University has proposed to the KBC that it enter into a new "partners in ministry" relationship. We have proposed that good-faith discussions be held to forge a relationship that allows CU's Board of Trustees to select and seat trustees who meet current service requirements set forth by the University, to maintain CU's academic freedom, and phase out direct Cooperative Program funding from the KBC over a four-year period.

We remain committed to the churches of the KBC. CU remains committed to maintaining a Christ-centered mission of Christian higher education as stated in Vision 2025. CU will maintain a Board of Trustees that is 100% Baptist. We will retain a strong Church Relations Council that provides direct input from pastors and church leaders that is predominately Baptist in affiliation. Our commitment is to provide an environment where the Gospel of Jesus Christ is presented to all students and where the transformation of lives in Christ is celebrated and affirmed! That is our history - that is our commitment - and that is our future!

We are deeply grateful to Kentucky Baptists for the support given to Campbellsville University through the years. We again stress that Campbellsville University has not changed – we remain the strongly Christian, evangelical, Baptist-connected institution that we have been since the founding of Russell Creek Academy in 1906.

We look forward to the future with optimism and excitement as we remain committed to our Kentucky Baptist family and to our Lord Jesus Christ. We will certainly keep you updated as this process moves forward. Please pray for us and for the KBC in the coming days. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Thank you for your continuing support of Campbellsville University.

In Christ,

Joseph L. Owens Michael V. Carter

Chairman President

Board of Trustees Campbellsville University

Campbellsville University