Certified Mentor - Level 1

Peer mentors are integral to the success for orientation and support programs for first-year students and students in transition. The range of services provided by peer mentors on college campuses is broad, and CRLA members and leaders sought to establish criteria for excellence in mentor training of many kinds. In 1998 the CRLA Board endorsed new standards and guidelines for mentor training programs, creating what is now referred to as International Mentor Training Program Certification. Three levels of certification has been established. Level 1 - Certified Mentor; Level 2 - Advanced Certified Mentor; Level 3 - Master Certified Mentor.

Students who achieve a Level 1 Certifcation at Austin Peay State University will have achieved 15 hours of training and 50 hours of mentoring experience with new students. Peer Leaders are important to the success of all students. APSU values the Peer Leaders as connections to the university for new students and academic success mentors for all students.

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