Chester Honored as Central Penn College Basketball Player of the Week

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Leonard Chester is selected as the Central Penn College Player of the Week for the Knights.

SUMMERDALE, PA (02/02/2012)(readMedia)-- Congratulations to Leonard Chester for being selected as the Player of the Week with the Central Penn College Knights. Chester is a first-year student from West Philadelphia. He is striving to earn his bachelor's in business administratio, while also proving his value on the court. As far as academics, Chester has balanced honing his athletic abilities and keeping a solid grade point average of 3.3.

"Academically, I'm feeling pretty good," says Chester. "Of course, I could always use some improvement but I'm getting the hang of college. I personally think I need to get more serious in the classroom. I was close to getting on the dean's list last term, but if I buckle down in the classroom more, I know I'm going to make it this term."

Chester's motivation and dedication to basketball and his team starts at home. Coming from a family where he is the first to attend college, his grandmother's dream was always for him to succeed, academically and athletically.

"Before she passed, my grand-mom wanted me to do all this (succeed on and off the court)," he says. "I'm doing this for her. I'm going to make her proud."

Chester is not just making his family proud; he has also inspired those around him at Central Penn with his success. The athletic director, his advisors, and his peer mentor all have nothing but good things to say about his accomplishments on and off the court.

"Leonard did well academically last term and provides a strong defensive presence on the court," says Athletic Director Ed Liesch. "I believe his defense helped get the second half started the right way against PSU York."

In order to continue producing positive results in the game and in class, Chester believes he has to stay hungry and humble.

"I have to keep working with the coach and keep my head in the books for my family," says Chester. "No getting cocky. I have to stay hungry so I can keep that drive. I know with that I can be a serious help getting the championship this team deserves."

By Greg Jones, Student Reporter