Christmas Gifts For Guns

Gift Card To Crossgates Mall For Every Illegal Handgun Or Assault Rifle

ALBANY, NY (11/30/2015)(readMedia)-- Christmas Gifts For Guns Program

With the success of the ENOUGH anti gun violence program in Albany NY the city of Amsterdam has called on Pastor Charlie Muller to help them run a program in their city. In 2009 the ENOUGH program and Pastor Charlie were recognized by the national FBI for it's success in shutting down gun violence in the Capital City of NY. In one year over 480 illegal handguns were turned in for gift cards to a local mall. 15 Free innercity carnivals that promoted non gun violence and encouraged support to the police in reporting crimes. That next year murders with a hand guns went from 16 to 0. With a 60,000 dollar grant from the County Legislature this was possible. The next year a failing program from Chicago was brought in and gun violence has gone back up every year. The success of the ENOUGH program is not only taking guns off the streets of targeted area's but being heavily involved in the community. Every year the Pastor runs a program called Christmas gifts for guns and every year their is a record turnout.

Pastor Charlie will be working with Police Chief Gregory Culic and Rev. William Hodgetts of the Trinity Church in down town Amsterdam. With the success of Albany's Gifts for Guns program last year with over 30 illegal handguns collected in one day. This year Christmas gifts for guns program will run on Saturday December 5th from 9 A.M. to 3 P.M. any illegal working handgun or assault rifle will recieve 100.00 gift card to Crossgates Mall.

When: Saturday December 5th. 9 A.M. to 3 P.M.

Location: Trinity Church 42 guy Park Ave Amsterdam MY

Who: Pastor Charlie Rev. William Hodgetts will be on hand to collect any handguns or assault rifles then handing out gift cards for every weapon. No Questions Asked. Any questions people cah call Pastor Charlie at 518-857-0726 Or the Amsterdam Police Department at 518-842-1100.