Competitors Throw Their Way to a Win in State Fair Horseshoe Contest

DES MOINES, IA (08/12/2017) (readMedia)-- Participants from across Iowa competed in the Open Singles and Farmers' Championship divisions of the Horseshoe Pitching Tournament held Thursday at the 2017 Iowa State Fair.

The Fair hosts both Championship and Open Class competitions every Fair day. Division winners are crowned daily. All Horseshoe Pitching competitions take place on the clay courts just east of Farm Bureau Pioneer Hall.

Complete results below:


Class A

1) Skip Hills, Altoona

2) Tom Cranston, Keswick

3) Deb Davis, Ankeny

4) John Ridgely, Earlham

5) Leo Toby, New Boston Ill.

Class B

1) Logan Duffy, Norwalk

2) Kenny Wiese, Story City

3) Steve Hatch, Knoxville

4) Caleb Cook, Des Moines

5) Russell Wiese, Roland

Class C

1) Chris Hughlett, New York, NY

2) Rebeccah Davis, Davenport, IA

3) Dirk Braet, Calamus

4) Rick Cook, Des Moines

5) Daniel Braet, Calamus



1) Ron Rowley, West Des Moines

2) Tom Cranston, Keswick

3) Richard Cranston, Keswick

4) Shirley Sprague, Berwick

5) Chris Jordan, Peru

Class A

1) Sheryl Mason, Grinnell

2) Randy Clark, Monroe

3) John Ridgely, Earlham

4) Steve Hatch, Knoxville

5) Russell Wiese, Rolan


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