David Warager, a White Plains resident, is promoted to Brigadier General in New York's volunteer defense force

Local man heads New York Guard, a force which augments and supports the National Guard

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LATHAM, NY (06/18/2018) White Plains resident David J. Warager has been promoted to the rank of brigadier general in the New York Guard, the state's volunteer defense force.

Warager, who has served in the New York Guard for 33 years, is the commander of the 500-member state force.

The New York Guard augments the New York National Guard during state emergencies. The members are uniformed volunteers who provide support to the New York National Guard when additional trained personnel are needed to deal with natural disasters.

New York Guard personnel have responded to Superstorm Sandy, flooding along Lake Ontario, and snowstorms. They provide expertise in areas like logistics, communications, and headquarters operations. New York Guard members wear military-style uniforms and use military rank structure.

Many are retired military personnel who want to continue to serve, others have never served in the military. Unlike the National Guard, New York Guard members serve only in a state status and cannot be deployed on federal mission.

Unlike members of the National Guard, New York Guard members are not paid for their training drills and assemblies. They are paid only when placed on state active duty during an emergency.

Warager was nominated for promotion as a New York State officer by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and his promotion was approved by the New York State Senate.

Major General Anthony German, the Adjutant General of New York, praised Warager for taking on the duties of command and for the members of the New York National Guard for stepping up to serve the state.

"Whatever we have asked of the New York Guard they have responded," German said.

He also praised Warager's family for their support of him and his service to New York.

"You can't do the things you do without family support," German.

Warager has served in the New York Guard since 1985 when he joined as a first lieutenant. He has served in a variety of positions to include commander of the New York Guard's 56th Brigade.

During Superstorm Sandy, Warager commanded the New York Guard assisting in recovery operations.

Warager was selected as deputy commander of the New York Guard in January 2017 and also served as Acting Commander. Cuomo appointed him commander in May 2018.

As commander, he is responsible for the mission readiness of the New York Guard, with units organized across New York State.

In his civilian career, Colonel Warager is Executive Director, Assistant General Counsel and Co-Head of the Global Trade Legal Practice Group for JP Morgan Chase & Co. This Group supports the Global Trade and Loan Product business within the JP Morgan Investment Bank.

Warager hails from a military family and said he always wanted to serve in the military, but a minor medical issue prevented him from joining the Navy. When he found out he could serve New York in the New York Guard he eagerly joined, Warager said.

Since he took over as acting commander, the New York Guard has responded to eight state missions ranging from dealing with flooding along Lake Ontario, to helping gather supplies for Puerto Rico, Warager said.

The New York is one of 26 states which have a state defense force which augments and supports the state's National Guard.

The New York Guard was created in 1917 to replace the New York National Guard when that force was mobilized to fight in World War I. In World War II, with the New York National Guard fighting in Europe and the Pacific, the state once again stood up the New York Guard to serve as a state military force at home.

In the 1950s the New York Guard was authorized on a full-time basis and has served ever since.