Digging Ireland: Hannah McCartney Accepted Into Blackfriary Program

Known for its many castles and beautiful greenery, Ireland captured one student's heart last spring while studying abroad. Now Hannah McCartney, class of '18 from Greenville, Ohio, will have a chance to return to the snake-free island in the North Atlantic through the Institute of Field Research (IFR), an organization created to bring archaeological field schools to students.

McCartney, a history major who is also pursuing minors in archaeology, pre-modern studies and studio art, will be part of the Blackfriary program in the town of Trim in County Meath, Ireland. During her stay from June 11 to July 8, McCartney will be attending lectures, learning excavation methods, participating in class trips, working on a course research assignment, excavating at the Black Friary site and touring Trim, the prehistoric passage tombs and the National Museum of Ireland.

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