Dynamic Leadership Institute Phase 3: Career & Professional Development

The Dynamic Leadership Institute (DLI) of WKU-Owensboro is a three phase program designed to teach participants interpersonal skills, leadership dynamics, and career/professional development strategies. The program strives to enhance self-awareness regarding personal strengths and weaknesses; to create a better understanding of leadership and influence; to develop stronger leadership and interpersonal skills; and to sharpen participants' professional skills.

***Resume Development: Best practices for resume development are covered, including: completion of a resume organizer or professional inventory, choosing the proper resume format, highlighting your strengths in relation to a position description, selection of references, and other technical tips. Networking/Leadership Interview: Participants learn effective strategies for building a professional network, including: the "Why?", "How?", and "Where?" of networking, networking strategies for introverts, utilizing social media as a networking tool, developing an "elevator" pitch, and the art of making introductions. Participants conduct an interview with a community leader for the purpose of practicing their professional skills and building a professional network. Interviewing: Included in this session is an overview of interview preparation and best practices, including: research and preparation, appropriate dress, behaviors that are desired and ones that deter from the interview, the value of interview follow-up. Participants learn how to prepare for one-on-one and panel interviews formats through "hands-on" experience. Professional Growth Plan: Participants utilize assessments and exercises to develop a professional growth plan based on the strengths and weaknesses identified in previous sessions.

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