Electeds & Advocates Demand All-Electric Building Act & NYHEAT w/ No Delays, No Loopholes

ALBANY, NY (03/21/2023) (readMedia)-- With New York on the verge of becoming the first state in the nation to ban fossil fuels in new buildings by law, hundreds of advocates and dozens of legislators will gather at the Capitol Wednesday, to demand state leadership pass the All-Electric Building Act (S6843C Kavanagh/A8431B Gallagher) - included in both chambers' one-house budgets and the governor's executive budget. Both advocates and legislators will stress the urgent need to electrify new buildings without any delay or loopholes. Speakers will also highlight that the work to get buildings off fossil fuels is not complete without the NY HEAT Act (S2016 Krueger/A4592 Fahy).

NY HEAT, which the Senate included in its one-house budget, will make an equitable transition off fossil fuels possible. It puts a 6% income cap on utility bills for low and middle income New Yorkers and gets rid of the unfair 100 foot rule, which requires utilities to hook up new buildings to the outdated gas system and lets utilities charge ratepayers $200 million every year to do so. It also redirects $150 billion for neighborhood-scale electrification.

The group will call on the Assembly and Governor to electrify new buildings without any delays: January 1, 2025 for smaller buildings and 2028 for tall buildings, with no exemptions for commercial buildings, and to include NY HEAT in the final budget.

**This event will be livestreamed**


Assembly Member Emily Gallagher, All-Electric Building Act Sponsor; Senator Liz Krueger, NY HEAT Sponsor; Senator Brian Kavanagh, All-Electric Building Act Sponsor; Assembly Member Patricia Fahy, NY HEAT Sponsor; Assembly Member Deborah Glick; Assembly Member Grace Lee; Assembly Member Harvey Epstein; Assembly Member Dana Levenberg; Assembly Member Sarahana Shrestha; Assembly Member Anna Kelles; Senator Kristen Gonzalez; Senator Lea Webb; Senator Jessica Ramos; Assembly Member Phara Souffrant Forrest; Assembly Member Jessica Gonzalez-Rojas; Assembly Member Ron Kim; Assembly Member Jo Anne Simon; Assembly Member Linda Rosenthal; Assembly Member Daniel Rosenthal; Assembly Member Sarah Clark; Assembly Member Jonathan Rivera; Assembly Member Shelley Mayer; Assembly Member Tony Simone; Assembly Member Latrice Walker; Assembly Member Kenny Burgos; Assembly Member William Colton; Assembly Member MaryJane Shimsky; Assembly Member Steven Raga; Assembly Member Chantel Jackon

Raya Salter, Member, NYS Climate Action Council and Founder and Executive Director, Energy Justice Law & Policy Center; WE ACT for Environmental Justice; New York Communities for Change; New Yorkers for Clean Power; Food & Water Watch; NYPIRG; Earthjustice; Frack Action; Alliance for a Green Economy; American Institute of Architects New York; Renewable Heat Now; All Our Energy; Better Buildings NY; Climate Solutions Accelerator; Fossil Free Tompkins; Mothers Out Front New York; Network for a Sustainable Tomorrow; NYC 2030 Distric; Rewiring America; Sane Energy Project; Sierra Club; Tompkins County Climate Protection Initiative


 Electeds and Advocates rally for All-Electric Building Act and NY HEAT passage in one-house budgets and tell Assembly and Governor: It’s not complete without NY HEAT!

WHEN: Wednesday March 22, 2023 at 12:00PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)
WHERE: Million Dollar Staircase, NY Capitol
State St. and, Washington Ave
Albany, New York 12242

 This event will be livestreamed on Renewable Heat Now's Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RenewableHeatNow