Exclusive Ad Space Available in Popular Brochure

Staunton Parks and Recreation offers awareness opportunity for community building organizations and businesses.

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STAUNTON, VA (06/26/2012)(readMedia)-- The Staunton Parks and Recreation Department will offer exclusive ad space in the department's Fall brochure. This is the first time in the department's history that anything other than information directly related to Staunton Parks and Recreation has been allowed into the brochure. The brochure is directly mailed to all Staunton residences as well as current parks and recreation customers. Approximately 13.500 copies of the brochure are direct mailed to all Staunton residences. The ad space will cost $866 for a 8.5 X 11inch page in a glossy full color publication. Only four pages of advertisers will be accepted on a first come first paid basis. To view the publication that is direct mailed to 16,000 + residences every four months log on to www.stauntonparksandrecreationrevolution.com.

The sponsorship/ad dollars will not only get the advertisers space in the well-known and highly visible department brochure but the ads will also be visible on both of the department web pages. Included in the price is free professional graphic designed advertisement space. The next brochure is set to be released in early August 2012. The deadline to place your information in this next brochure is July 10, 2012.

The Department of Parks and Recreation reserves the right to screen ads that are not wholesome in nature. Businesses or organizations that have a specific goal of community building are encouraged to respond immediately. The messages of community oriented organizations have great potential for reaching target markets via the highly visible and discernable community brochure. The Staunton Parks and Recreation Department continues its marketing 2.0 platform to promote it's mission of providing the best possible community recreation programs, parks and facilities.

For more information call 540-332-3945 or log on to www.staunton.va.us/recreation. To read more about the Method to Our Madness, log on to www.stauntonparksandrecreation.wordpress.com.