Fayetteville State University Biology Students Attend Focus Program at Georgia Tech

Two students from Fayetteville State University's (FSU) Department of Biological Sciences were selected to attend the 29th Annual Focus Program at Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) in Atlanta, Georgia from January 17-20, 2019. The Focus Program is one of the nation's premier programs for raising awareness of graduate education. It is designed to attract the best and brightest underrepresented minority students and encourage them to pursue graduate degrees at Georgia Tech. The Focus Program invites third- and fourth-year students to apply to attend this program, which is open to students around the nation. Accommodations, meals, and transportation subsidies are provided for all accepted scholars.

To view these students click here: https://uncfsu.meritpages.com/achievements/Fayetteville-State-University-Biology-Students-Attend-Focus-Program-at-Georgia-Tech/101612