Former NYC Department of Corrections Assistant Commissioner joins New York Guard

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CAMP SMITH TRAINING SITE, CORTLANDT MANOR, N.Y. (06/06/2018) The New York Guard state defense force, an organization of volunteers that augments the New York National Guard, welcomed former NYC Department of Corrections Assistant Commissioner Keith Taylor into its ranks May 19.

Specialist Keith Taylor was sworn into the New York Guard by the New York Guard Acting Commander Colonel David Warager at the New York Guard morning formation.

The New York Guard is a force of 500 uniformed volunteers, organized as a military unit, who augment the New York National Guard during state emergencies. They provide administrative and logistics support to the National Guard. Members of the New York Guard have been involved in flood control efforts along the Lake Ontario shoreline this past summer and supported the large-scale management of donations for the storm recovery in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria.

Taylor will be assigned to the New York Guard 12th Regimental Training Institute as a new instructor. The unit mission is to provide professional development, education and training of officers, noncommissioned officers and enlisted volunteers.

"I am grateful to have received a lot of guidance, support and opportunities during my professional career in civil service, and want to do the same for others through voluntary service," Taylor said. "One should never stop giving back, and my love for my community, state and country demands no less. I am proud to be a member of an important and historic part of New York State's emergency preparedness, the New York Guard."

Unlike members of the New York National Guard, New York Guard members do not have a federal military role and do not deploy outside the state. New York Guard members usually train in a volunteer status and are only paid when they are placed on state duty during emergencies.

Defining moments in Taylor's law enforcement career include first responder actions to the September 11, 2001 World Trade Center terrorist attack in New York City as an NYPD Detective Sergeant and Hurricane Sandy in 2012 as an Emergency Service Unit Sergeant Special Assignment.

Taylor earned a Doctorate of Education with a concentration in Sociology and Education from Columbia University's Teachers College, and a Masters Degree in National Security Studies from the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School.

His police awards include an FBI Certificate of Recognition, a Sergeant Benevolent Association's Certificate of Honor, an NYPD Police Duty Commendation, three NYPD Excellent Police Duty awards, and an NYPD Unit Citation.

In his civilian career, Dr. Taylor retired as an Assistant Commissioner for the New York Correction Department.

Taylor resides in Harlem in New York City with his wife Dr. Danielle Taylor and two children.