Four WKCTC Students Serving as Student Ambassadors

Four WKCTC students are serving as student ambassadors during spring 2020.

Student ambassadors are outstanding student leaders selected to publicly represent WKCTC, Office of Student Services, and the community in a multitude of essential capacities. The ambassador is positive, professional, displays enthusiasm, and a genuine desire and spirit of helpfulness. They seek increased involvement and knowledge of academic programs, student concerns, employee roles, college resources, facilities, and social interaction. The ambassadors are part of a dynamic team of student leaders, dedicated to creating positive change and student success. Ambassadors make students and campus guests feel welcomed, comfortable, and supported through building strong connections. Ambassadors, thank you for all you do for WKCTC and the community!

If other WKCTC students are interested in becoming a student ambassador, just visit the WKCTC website at and search for student ambassador to find out how.

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