From Failure to Success - Ryan Rowe Has Seen It All

Ryan Rowe was raised in Gladwin, MI. At 20 years old, he moved to Grand Rapids, MI to attend Grace Christian University. Ryan is receiving his AA degree this spring but will continue to pursue his BA degree. His expected graduation date for his BA is 2022.

Ryan has overcome many obstacles. It took him six years to graduate high school. His expected graduation date was 2015 but instead graduated in 2017, at 20. He graduated high school with a 0.979 GPA.

Ryan's parents split at 17 and shortly after had to move out. With a rough home life, and without parental structure and support, he was the kid who put his head down on the desk and slept through almost every class. Ryan's high school physical science teacher heard about his situation and asked him to live with her and her family and go to church with them. Ryan began to study well and receive good grades, because of their care and support.

Ryan moved out and decided to live alone and finish his last year of high school after living with them for a year. He was initially planning to go to community college, but once he visited Grace with friends and found out he had a shot at attending, he was hooked. "My enrollment specialist Hilary was truly amazing, caring, consistent and instrumental in getting me here", Ryan remarks. He now has a 3.31 GPA and has made the Dean's list nearly every semester.

Ryan shares his gratitude "I cannot express how thankful and appreciative I am of every staff and faculty member at Grace Christian University. They are the best, because they believe in us students and see something special in each of us. They truly care and put a lot of hard intentional work, love, and grace into everything they do. If it was not for them, I do not know what I would do with my life. Thanks for believing in us!"

Ryan's story shows God's providence and faithfulness in his academic turn around.

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