Governor Paterson Signs 83 Bills into Law

ALBANY, NY (07/31/2010)(readMedia)-- Governor David A. Paterson today signed 83 bills into law including legislation that will increase consumer protection by requiring the disclosure of rebates on purchases to consumers, and prohibit the manufacture and sale of products containing bisphenol A. The bills signed today also include a new law that will allow victims of bias-related violence to take legal action against a perpetrator, and protect the lawful possession of hypodermic syringes, among several others.

The bills Governor Paterson signed today include S.3296-H/A.6919-D, which will prohibit the sale or offer of sale child care products containing bisphenol A (BPA). BPA, a chemical component of rigid plastic, is used in many consumer products, including those intended for use by young children and babies. BPA is a known endocrine disruptor and while it has not been conclusively proven to harm children or adults, a growing body of science indicates that infants and young children may be vulnerable to serious developmental problems as a result of exposure to BPA.

"Protecting New York's children is one of the most important roles that a Governor can play," Governor Paterson said. "This law will ensure that a potentially harmful substance is no longer allowed in products used by our smallest and most vulnerable citizens."

In addition, the Governor signed A.11007-A/S.7609-A, which will require any entity offering a rebate to disclose to the consumer what form the rebate will be issued in, if it is not being offered in cash or check, and if any additional fees related to the rebate may apply.

"The daunting task of rebuilding our economy and reinforcing consumer confidence must be undertaken in conjunction with improving consumer protection measures and protecting New York's children and most vulnerable," Governor Paterson said. "These bills achieve that goal and will increase confidence in New York's consumers and provide valuable information to keep individuals spending their hard-earned money right here in New York."

Governor Paterson also signed into law A.529/S.5923, which will allow a victim of bias-related violence or intimidation to be able to initiate civil action against a perpetrator. Currently, no specific civil remedy exists for victims of bias-related acts.

"All New Yorkers, no matter their race, ethnicity, age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or religious beliefs, should be able to live in safety and feel protected by the law," said Governor Paterson. "I am proud to sign this legislation that will increase the protection of more New Yorkers by allowing legal action to be taken upon an incident of bias-related violence."

In addition to the dozens of bills signed into law today, Governor Paterson vetoed 23 bills, including S.3718-A/A.7282-A, which was in direct opposition to the Governor's efforts at reining in the cost of the New York State pension system.

Governor Paterson signed the following bills into law:

A.629/S.2752: Requires full service for the sale of motor fuels to those disabled persons with temporary motor vehicle parking placards.

A.915-A/S.5501: Relates to the administration of property tax assessments for certain orchards and vineyards.

A.2642-C/S.7319-A: Relates to subscription expiration notice requirements for magazines.

A3083E/S557C - Provides for greater protections to consumers in rental purchase agreements.

A.5320-A/S.629-A: Includes lymphatic disease in the definition of children with physical disabilities, and requires the department to post certain links on its website.

A.5537-A/S.4593-A: Relates to loitering.

A.5579-A/S.2400-A: Expands the "Lake Ontario wine trail."

A.6686-A/S.5414-A: Increases the maximum percentage for agricultural protection State assistance payments when project costs are contributed by the owner of the agricultural land.

A.7753-A/S.5339-A: Authorizes the town of Ramapo to file an application for exemption from real property taxes for a certain parcel of land located in the town of Ramapo, county of Rockland.

A.7774-A/S.7108: Authorizes the town of Ramapo to file an application for exemption from real property taxes for a certain parcel of land located in the town of Ramapo, county of Rockland.

A.7776-A/S.7107: Authorizes the town of Ramapo to file an application for exemption from real property taxes for a certain parcel of land located in the town of Ramapo, county of Rockland.

A.8117-B/S.5007-A: Relates to the definition of the practice of midwifery.

A.8173-A/S.5454-A: Directs the president of the SUNY Upstate Medical University to conduct a study concerning the need for branch campuses in the Fort Drum/Watertown and Mohawk Valley regions.

A.8181/S.3023: Relates to the powers and duties of the racing and wagering board to impose certain fines.

A.8182/S.3021: Relates to the imposition of fines.

Governor's Program Bill No. 23, A.8396-A/S.5620-A: Clarifies and enhances New York's law regarding the possession of syringes or needles by participants in public health programs designed to reduce transmission of blood-borne diseases.

A.8556-A/S5710-A: Relates to the definition of tax return preparer.

A.8741-C/S.7603: Expands liability protections for Good Samaritans who operate automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in an attempt to save someone from death due to cardiac arrest.

A.9010/S.5863-B: Relates to the Freeport community development agency.

A.9223-C/S.6356-B: Prohibits the import, manufacture, distribution, sale and resale of unsafe cribs.

A.9547-A/S.6657-A: Relates to the insurance of certain preservation loans of the State of New York mortgage agency mortgage insurance fund.

A.9748/S.7046: Authorizes the town of Ramapo to accept an application for real property tax exemption from the Pilgrim Wesleyan Church in the village of Spring Valley, town of Ramapo.

A.9750/S.6432: Extends the effectiveness of chapter 846 of the laws of 1970 relating to payments in lieu of taxes for property acquired for park or recreational purposes.

A.9826/S.6765: Authorizes the Montgomery County correctional facility to also be used for the detention of persons under arrest being held for arraignment in any court located in Montgomery County.

A.9898/S.7409: Makes provisions permanent relating to the establishment of an alternative dispute resolution system to resolve certain claims through collective bargaining agreements.

A.9939-A/S.6277-A: Designates a portion of the State highway system as the "National Veterans Highway."

A.9959/S.6809: Relates to the provision of physical therapy assistant services in elementary and secondary schools.

A9999-A/S6832-A: Makes permanent section 3017 of the Public Health Law, relating to emergency medical service in Suffolk County.

A.10000-A/S.7300-A: Requires automobile dealers to pay a specified amount on the prior credit or lease balance owing on the vehicle purchased or obtained in trade within 21 calendar days.

A.10049/S.7840: Relating to payment in lieu of taxes for property acquired for park or recreational purposes by town of Hempstead.

A.10061/S.8317: Relates to inmate labor for non-profit organizations.

A.10126/S.7808: Extends the provisions of chapter 831 of the laws of 1981, amending the labor law relating to fees and expenses in unemployment insurance proceedings.

A.10137/S.7121: Extends the provisions of chapter 534 of the laws of 1993 relating to physical therapy assistants for an additional four years.

A.10222-A/S.6781-A: Relates to certain payments to the horsemen's organization.

A.10233/S.6658: Authorizes the detaining in the Chautauqua County correctional facility of persons awaiting arraignment in any local court in the county of Chautauqua.

A.10410/S.7289: Authorizes the facsimile transmission or transmission by electronic means of orders of protection and temporary orders of protection.

A.10448/S.7649: Extends from December 31, 2010 to December 31, 2012, the deadline for requests for release of records under Jonathan's law for incidents before May 5, 2007.

A.10620/S.7115-A: Designates a bridge on interstate route 86 over Falconer - Kimball Road in the town of Ellicott as the "Roger Tory Peterson Memorial Bridge."

A.10766-A/S.7558-A: Relates to disclosures required for certain solicitations by container.

A.10770/S.7611: Relates to the rate of regular interest used in the actuarial valuation of liabilities for the purpose of calculating contributions to certain retirement systems.

A.10786/S.7580: Relates to the imposition of sales and compensating use taxes in the county of Erie.

A.10835-A/S.7366-A: Relates to allowing certain special assessing units other than cities to adjust their current base proportions.

A.10992/S.8370: Extends certain provisions regarding the payment of fees and other charges by credit card.

A.11023/S.7872: Relates to the residency requirement for the Boght Community fire district in Albany County.

A.11034-A/S.7255-A: Defines the scope of responsibilities of the Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse services regarding recovery services.

A.11136/S.7914: Relates to the residency requirement for the Armor Fire Company in Erie County.

A.11237/S.8126: Relates to the base proportions of approved assessing units in the county of Nassau.

A.11301/S.8128: Relates to repair of damaged pesticide containers.

A.11505-A/S.8309-A: Allows a permanent resident of the United States to serve as public health director of Tompkins County while pursuing citizenship.

A.11516/S.8179: Creates an exemption to the residency requirement for firefighters of the Huguenot Fire Co., Inc.

S.1700-B/A.1952-B: Increases from $1,000 to $2,000 the property damage threshold after which a motor vehicle accident report must be filed with the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles.

S.2490-E/A.3024-F: Provides notice to municipal housing authorities whenever a sex offender is released to public housing.

S.2622/A.5956: Provides that traps shall bear the name and residence address or the assigned identification number of the trapper.

S.4031-A/A.7193-A: Authorizes the county of Nassau to transfer ownership of certain parklands to the town of North Hempstead.

S.5114-A/A.8516-A: Extends provisions of law relating to creating a presumption of certain lung disabilities incurred by volunteer firefighters.

S.5597-B/A.8407-B: Relates to the applicability of local laws of certain cities to buildings owned, leased or operated by the State or its agencies.

S.5743-B/A.8961-B: Designates a portion of the State highway system to be known as the "Sampson Veterans Memorial highway."

S.5748-A/A.8664-A: Modifies the methods used for calculating final average salary for certain members of the New York City teachers' retirement system.

S.5798-A/A.8733-A: Authorizes Nassau County to convey to Manhasset-Lakeville Water district, an easement through land in Leeds Pond Preserve to install underground water main.

S.5873/A.8935: Authorizes the town of Malta, county of Saratoga to discontinue the use of certain lands as parklands and to sell and convey such lands, which are no longer needed.

S.5906/A.7777-A: Authorizes the town of Ramapo to file an application for exemption from real property taxes for a certain parcel of land located in the town of Ramapo, county of Rockland.

S.6459-A/A.9734-A: Designates a certain portion of the State highway system to be the "Cpl. Paulo Marko Pacificador Memorial Bridge."

S.6763/A.9828: Extends the effectiveness of chapter 405 of the laws of 2005 for two years.

S.6816-B/A.9923-A: Relates to beer and/or malt beverage tasting permits.

S6958-A/A.11056: Amending the education law and educational requirements for physicians' assistants.

S.7086-C/A.10198-C: Authorizes the town of Lewisboro to discontinue use of certain park land.

S.7198-B/A.10693-A: Designates a portion of the State highway system as the "Harriet Tubman Memorial Highway."

S.7225/A.11248: Increases the bonding authority of the NYC housing development corporation.

S.7257/A.10504: Includes payments from the State's farmland protection program as federal gross income.

S7314/A10569: Relates to the definition of cash for ABC purposes.

S.7452-A/A.11383: Relates to the re-employment of retired persons by the board of higher education of the city of New York.

S.7700-C/A.10967-C: Designates a portion of the State highway system in the county of Broome, as the "Officer Aldo Rossi Junior Memorial Highway."

S.7738-A/A.10978: Authorizes the city of Schenectady to enter into a contract to sell some or all of the delinquent tax liens held by such city to a private party.

S.7801-A/A.11065-A: Increases the cap on the total raffle prize amount permissible for a license period.

S.7845/A.11116: Relates to insurance losses as a result of the insured being intoxicated or under the influence of narcotics.

S.7947-A/A.11124-A: Designates the "Trooper David J. Lane Memorial Highway" in Greene County.

S.8095/A.11381: Relates to the Rome urban renewal agency; and to transfer any books, records and remaining rights of the dissolved agency to the city of Rome.

S.8173/A.11279: Relates to a real estate tax abatement program for certain commercial, industrial and manufacturing properties in a city with a population of one million or more.

S.8215/A.11501: Relates to designating a portion of the State highway system in the town of Shelter Island as the "Lt. Joseph J. Theinert Memorial Way."

S.8227/A.11487: Updates New York's HIV testing law, which will increase testing rates and reduce rates of transmission.

Governor Paterson vetoed the following bills:

A.1719-A/S.2947-A: Authorizes nurse practitioners to issue orders not to resuscitate.

A.2358/S.6103: Authorizes the Commissioner of Health to make grants to be used to help pay for the costs of conducting local blood drives.

A.3577-B/S.7803: Provides that taxpayers may contribute to the heart disease prevention and education fund by their income tax return and establishes the fund.

A.3923-C/S.1538-E: Requires dissemination by certain State agencies of information pertaining to social services and financial assistance available to crime victims.

A.4501-A/S.8014: Requires warning labels on packaging of baby-bottles and sippy cups.

A.10676/S.7482: Clarifies the scope of protections against discrimination on the basis of disability in services provided by public entities.

A.10889/S.7566-A: Adds a representative of veteran and alcoholism or substance abuse programs to the advisory council on alcoholism and substance abuse services.

S.87-A/A.4416-A: Provides a tax check-off box on personal income tax return forms for gifts to the after-school activity fund.

S.3718-A/A.7282-A: Expands the application of provisions for a reduced retirement age for certain Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority employees.

S.4562/A.7170-A: Relates to the duration of the probationary periods and disciplinary hearings for employees of the health and hospitals corporation of the city of NY in a non-competitive class.

S.4812-A/A.7471-A: Prohibits certain agencies from charging for the process of a FOIL request made by State and local agencies or the State Legislature.

S.5633-A/A.8509-A: Authorizes the deferral of vacation days for certain members of the retirement system.

S.6343-A/A.6442-A: Requires municipalities which sell, transfer or lease community garden real property to use proceeds there from for community garden purposes.

S.6682/A.10404: Relates to subcommittees for mental health of community service boards.

S.6683/A.10405: Relates to the community mental health support and workforce reinvestment program and the community health and workforce reinvestment account.

S.6785/A.9943: Provides for the continuation of health insurance benefits for public employees injured or taken ill in the performance of duty.

S.6864/A.10242: Allows an action for unlawful discriminatory practice to be brought within three years after dismissal for administrative convenience.

S.7078/A.10068: Relates to transfer of retirement membership for SUNY employees within the professional, scientific and technical bargaining unit.

S.7187/A.8882-A: Provides for taxpayer gifts for lupus education and prevention, and establishes the lupus education and prevention fund and outreach program.

S.7315/A.10159: Authorizes the city school district of the city of Mt. Vernon to finance a deficit by the issuance of serial bonds and bond anticipation notes.

S.7316B/A.7691-C: Provides for the on-site sanitization of every used mattress or bedding material prior to being transported, stored or sold in the State.

S.8148/A.11405: Relates to the consideration of certain real property transfers in the county of Orange and the purpose of such lands conveyed.

S.8279/A.11400-A: Adopts the interstate compact for juveniles.


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