Gypsy Hill and Montgomery Hall Park Storm Updates

Power outages dictate new plan

STAUNTON, VA (07/01/2012)(readMedia)-- The unusual storm on Friday night downed many older trees in Gypsy Hill and Montgomery Hall Parks. The storm also caused power outages throughout the park system. Below is an update of openings and closings within the park system.

Gypsy Hill Park is now open to thru traffic. Special thank you to the Middle River Regional Jail for sending 5 inmate crews to assist with tree removal and clean up. The Gypsy Hill Park Pool will remain closed due to the power outage. Power is necessary to operate the pool pump that filters water. The Garden Center in Gypsy Hill Park is without power. Garden Center summer camp will meet tomorrow, Monday July 2nd, at the Gym in Gypsy Hill Park. The Gym does have power which translates into lights, air conditioning and refrigeration.

Montgomey Hall Park, the top section leading to the shelters/trails and soccer fields, is closed due to downed trees and debris. Montgomery Hall is without power. Additionally, a 150+ year old tree has been downed on the front lawn and debris is strewn across the playground. The Montgomery Hall Park summer camp will meet tomorrow, Monday July 2nd at the Golf Pavilion in Gypsy Hill Park. The Golf Pavilion has power, private restrooms, seating area and a kitchen facilties. Thank you to Wes Allred at the GHP Golf Course for use of the pavilion.

Please stay tuned to Staunton Parks and Recreation Facebook page for updates regarding power, as well as openings and closings.