How To Save A Life: Conscious Energy Breathing with Leonard Orr

World renowned instructor Leonard Orr will teach how to breath energy back into the etheric body, creating your new life.

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STAUNTON, VA (05/08/2012)(readMedia)-- On Thursday, May 10th, the founder of the worldwide breathwork movement, Leonard Orr, will be in Staunton at the Nelson Street Center, to teach Conscious Energy Breathing. This is an ancient science with deep roots. For Leonard, this has been a lifelong study of the techniques of Yogi saints. The basic premise of conscious energy breathing is to clean or clear the chakras, aura, etheric or energy body in order to have an active energy body. The energy body can have heaviness, emotional or physical pain or disease. These blockages can be the result of traumas, abuse, persistent negative influences, painful limiting personal beliefs or ideas that are accepted as reality, and spending time in large crowds people and unnatural environments, etc. Leonard will present tools that will clean the energy body and offer techniques to overcome the effects of energy pollution.

You will experience the strange, beautiful and powerful relief of recovering major parts of your free will - your soul - that you never even knew you'd lost. One does not need to believe in energy pollution, chakras, and energy body for the system to work. So if you desire a lighter body, improved health and increased inspiration and creativity, come on over to the Nelson Street Center on Thursday at 6pm. If you have not registered ahead of time, registration will be taken from 5:30-6:00pm. The price of the presentation is $14.00. Receipts will be written on-site. Space is limitied. Please call ahead to let us know you desire the remaining spaces - 332-3945. The Nelson Street Center is located at 900 Nelson Street in Staunton, Virginia. This is about 3 blocks from Bessie Weller Elementary School.