Introduction Into Shamanism Offered by Staunton Parks and Recreation

Create an Earth Power Staff to Connect With Your Deepest Self

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STAUNTON, VA (05/21/2012)(readMedia)-- The Staunton Parks and Recreation Department will offer an Introduction Into Shamanism class on Sunday, June 3rd at Montgomery Hall Park. Participants are invited to join shamanic healer, Rachel Mann, PhD (UVA faculty) and learn how to connect with your soul's journey by creating a beautiful Earth Power Staff. Native cultures around the world have always used Mother Nature's gifts to connect to the Divine within and all around us. Creating beauty in a prayerful, sacred way heals the body, mind and spirit and reminds us of our innate connection to the Earth and one another.

The instructor, Rachel Mann has studied Native American spirituality and shamanic systems of healing for 15 years. Trained as an anthropologist, she teaches part-time for the University of Virginia Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies program on the new native American spirituality in the West and on the teaching of peace and environmental responsibility offered by Native Americans in the 20th and 21st century.

Register for this class now as spaces are limited. The class is to be held on Sunday, June 3rd from 1-4pm. The price for the class is $59 and includes all class materials for the Earth Power Staff. For more information, please call Staunton Parks and Recreation at 332-3945.