Kids Pull Big Weight in Iowa State Fair Contest

DES MOINES, IA (09/18/2019) (readMedia)-- Young Fairgoers pedaled their way to success in the Pedal Power Pull held Tuesday, August 13, at the 2019 Iowa State Fair.

In the Pedal Power Pull, kids attempt to pedal a mini tractor 40 feet (a "full pull") pulling a box weighing 80 pounds for 4-year-olds to 260 pounds for 11-year-olds. In the event of a tie or two full pulls, weight is added and a re-pull is held to determine the winner.

120 kids participated in the Pedal Power Pull.

Complete results below:



1) Addison Syfert, Lockridge, 36 feet

2) Kathryn Bolte, Newark, IL, 25 feet, 11 inches

3) Makynzi Bergren, Stanton, 25 feet, 1 inch


1) Reagan Robinson, Tennant, 30 feet, 5 inches

2) Ally Hughey, Treynor, 23 feet, 7 inches

3) Adalyn Schaffer, Ankeny, 22 feet, 1 inch


1) Keslee Sprague, Altoona, 30 feet, 1 inch

2) Emerson Roe, Fremont, 22 feet, 5 inches

3) Sierra Steidler, Littleton, CO, 20 feet, 10 inches


1) Vanessa Anderson, Kiron, Full Pull

2) Kellyn Smith, Mason City, Full Pull

3) Norah Foster, Oskaloosa, 22 feet, 4 inches


1) Sydney Beavers, Collins, 38 feet, 3 inches

2) Brook Mangold, Marengo, 36 feet, 6 inches

3) Callie Scheffler, McKinney, TX, 23 feet


1) Kendra Robinson, Tennant, Full Pull

2) Miranda Gerdes, Lake View, Full Pull

3) Grace Davis, West Des Moines, 33 feet, 4 inches


1) Chloe Sprague, Altoona, Full Pull

2) Destiny Poe, Albia, Full Pull

3) Peyton Whitlatch, Pella, Full Pull


1) Brooklyn Buck, Tennant, Full Pull

2) Ella Waske, Mt. Ayr, Full Pull

3) Ophelia Skaggs, Ottumwa, Full Pull



1) Jack Scheffler, McKinney, TX, Full Pull

2) West McFarland, Afton, Full Pull

3) Laiye Kitzman, Sully, Full Pull


1) Jarrett Gubbels, Panama, 33 feet

2) Bryant Gubbels, Panama, 31 feet, 9 inches

3) Ryan Hoffman, St. Charles, 25 feet, 9 inches


1) Carter Cruzer, Ottumwa, Full Pull

2) Duke Scheffler, McKinney, TX, 39 feet, 5 inches

3) Aiden Demuth, Waverly, 34 feet, 6 inches


1) Aiden Gubbels, Panama, Full Pull

2) Kyler Schippers, Bussey, Full Pull

3) William McWhirter, Washington, Full Pull


1) Kallen Lowenberg, Hedrick, Full Pull

2) Coyer Spear, Algona, 38 feet, 2 inches

3) Andrew Hoy, Drakesville, 36 feet, 3 inches


1) Ira Hawk, St. Charles, Full Pull

2) Quinn Anderson, Kiron, 39 feet, 7 inches

3) Henry Schroeder, Elma, 35 feet, 5 inches


1) Nolan Smith, Knoxville, Full Pull

2) Cooper Hoey, Belle Plaine, 29 feet, 7 inches

3) Jordan Steidler, Littleton, CO, 15 feet, 7 inches


1) Daniel Poe, Albia, Full Pull

2) Jake Buell, Ankeny, 37 feet, 4 inches

3) Aidan Vens, Des Moines, 23 feet, 3 inches


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