The Town of Brookline will work with Lime to expand safety protections for riders including creating scooter parking corrals, sidewalk rules, and bike lanes

BROOKLINE, MA (08/08/2019) (readMedia)-- B-Roll and High-Resolution Photos Available Here.

Lime and the Town of Brookline announced today that they will work together to roll out new measures to protect bike and scooter riders as the popularity of Lime's dock-free mobility systems grow.

Last week, the Brookline Select Board empowered town officials to clear bike lanes by enforcing traffic rules, repurpose parking spaces into "mobility hubs" for scooter parking in dense business districts, and monitor sidewalks to ensure pedestrian safety.

Lime - the leading U.S. smart mobility company - launched a scooter pilot in Brookline on April 1st with an initial fleet of 100. Following a series of fleet increases, Lime will now have 175 scooters deployed as a result of high ridership and unmet demand. More than 20K people have already ridden a Lime scooter as part of the program, with more than 50K rides taken.

"Brookline is leading the way in supporting new modes of transportation for greater Boston," said Scott Mullen, Lime Director for Northeast Expansion. "Repurposing street space to protect bike and scooter riders prevents riding on the sidewalk and is an essential part of encouraging more people to try sustainable options with the understanding that they will be safe. Brookline is paving the way toward a multi-modal future that will benefit all street users, whether they are scooting or not."

"Brookline has a long history of supporting new reliable, sustainable modes of transportation--and we have to continually make improvements to our infrastructure to ensure everyone can use them safely," said Brookline Transportation Transportation Administrator Todd Kirrane . "I am excited that the Select Board has empowered us to extend protections for riders, address identified issues for pedestrians, and keep us moving forward."

As the largest shared scooter and bike provider in the U.S., Lime currently operates in over 100 markets. Over 65 million rides have already taken place on the Lime platform since the company first launched. Lime is the only multimodal provider to offer electric scooters, electric bikes, and classic manual pedal bikes.The entire Lime fleet is GPS and 3G-enabled, making it simple for riders to find, unlock and pick up a nearby bike using their smartphone. When the ride is finished, riders simply end the ride with the Lime mobile app and responsibly park by the street curb, or at a bike rack.


Lime is the global leader in micromobility, serving more than 100 cities in more than 25 countries on five continents. Lime is revolutionizing mobility in cities and campuses by empowering residents with a greener, more efficient, and affordable transportation option that also improves urban sustainability. Lime partners with local key stakeholders to systematically deploy a multi-modal smart mobility fleet enabled with GPS, wireless technology, and self-activating locks. Lime dramatically improves urban mobility by making the first and last mile faster,healthier and more affordable for riders. Funded by Silicon Valley's leading VC firm Andreessen Horowitz, Lime is based in San Francisco, CA. Learn more at