Laurence R. Fairall Scholarship Awarded

This scholarship program was provided under the terms of the will of Laurence R. Fairall, who died in 1973. Laurence R. Fairall scholarships are given to students in journalism, creative writing and political science.

Students must be Iowa residents by birth and have been educated in Iowa (graduated from an Iowa High School). Students must have at least a 3.0 cumulative University of Iowa GPA and be enrolled full-time.

Each scholarship is $7,500 - students receive half fall semester and half spring semester.

Congratulations to these seven students who have been notified of their awards to utilize in their education toward and active career in Journalism: Audrey Felderman, Sara Stortz, Katie Wang, Josie Fischels, Amanda Spars, Julia DiGiacomo, and Haley Yordanoff.

Great Job!!

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