Lawmakers & Advocates Kick Off NY HEAT Chili Tour in Sleepy Hollow; Fight Rising Energy Bills & Climate Change

Lawmakers to call on Gov to include NY HEAT Act in 2024 Budget over warm bowls of chili

SLEEPY HOLLOW, NY (09/28/2023) (readMedia)-- Following a hot, flooded, toxic air-filled summer, most New Yorkers are stuck relying on the dirty, expensive, outdated fracked gas system to stay warm as the weather gets cooler. Meanwhile, gas and energy bills are skyrocketing across the state on top of the many added expenses of climate change. Sleepy Hollow-area advocates and elected officials will hand out free bowls of chili cooked on gas-free induction cooktops, to help constituents warm up while they demand relief from Governor Hochul in the form of the NY HEAT Act.

The NY HEAT Act, which gained serious momentum during Albany's 2023 legislative session and passed in the NYS Senate, will stop expansion of the fracked gas system and save the average low or middle income New Yorker $75/month on their utility bills. On top of the $75 monthly savings, NY HEAT gets rid of the unfair 100-foot rule, which forces New York families to subsidize new gas hookups to the tune of $200 million every year while accelerating fossil fuel generated climate change that supercharges storms and heat, and turned the sky orange this spring.

The NY HEAT Chili Tour follows the "hot, broke summer ice cream tour," where elected officials and advocates handed out free ice cream across New York City and spoke with residents about how the NY HEAT Act fights climate change while reducing bills.

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Assembly Member Maryjane Shimsky

Mothers Out Front Rivertowns

Climate Reality Project - Westchester

Sierra Club Lower Hudson

Renewable Heat Now


 Elected officials will hand out free chili and build support for NY HEAT, which would save NYers $75/month on energy bills and get New York off the dirty, outdated fracked gas system.

WHEN: Thursday September 28, 2023 at 06:00PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)
WHERE: Hudson Valley Writers Center
300 Riverside Drive
Sleepy Hollow, New York 10591