Lawyer in Oneida County Public Defender Office Receives Award

Luke Nebush Honored During NYS Defender Association Conference

ALBANY, NY (07/28/2015)(readMedia)-- Luke Nebush, a First Assistant Public Defender in the office of the Oneida County Public Defender – Criminal Division, was honored during the New York State Defenders Association (NYSDA) statewide conference in Saratoga Springs on Monday, July 27, 2015.

Leland D. McCormac, III, Nebush's direct supervisor, nominated Nebush for the Kevin M. Andersen Memorial Award. Noting that Nebush, who joined the office after admission to the bar in 2008, has "handled some of the most complex, difficult, and consuming cases in our office," McCormac added that Nebush is "always solely focused on his client's best interests." While able to be "combative and unyielding" as required by our adversarial system, often obtaining highly favorable results, Nebush "treats all ... as he would like to be treated," McCormac went on.

Highlighting Nebush's client-centered approach, McCormac said that Nebush works hard to gain information about his clients, meeting with them and family members for the long periods required to thoroughly cover what he needs to guide his efforts. In addition to his zeal and devotion to practicing effective, client-centered representation, Nebush's diligence in honing his skills also received praise.

McCormac closed his nomination by saying he was proud to have Nebush "as a friend and colleague," and could not "think of a young attorney more deserving of recognition for his efforts."

The Kevin M. Andersen Memorial Award "is presented to an attorney who has been in practice less than fifteen years, practices in the area of indigent defense, and exemplifies the sense of justice, determination, and compassion" that were the hallmarks of its namesake. Kevin M. Andersen was a lifelong public defender known for his anger at injustice, his will to fight ferociously for his clients, and the compassion to grant clients "the dignity each deserved as a human being despite whatever human frailties they might present." The award was created by the Genesee County Public Defender Office.

Jerry Ader, Genesee County Public Defender, presented the award to Nebush during a ceremony on the evening between two full days of continuing legal education (CLE). NYSDA provides affordable, high-quality CLE relevant to public defense practice at statewide as well as regional events as part of its mission. A not-for-profit, membership organization, NYSDA has been providing support to New York's public defense community since 1967. Its mission is to improve the quality and scope of publicly supported legal representation to low income people.