Lime Releases Brookline Survey with 90% of Riders Calling for Permanent Scooter-share

Scooters replaced nearly 50,000 car trips in Brookline over course of pilot

BROOKLINE, MA (10/23/2019) (readMedia)-- Lime- the leading U.S. smart mobility company- released a rider survey to assess the Brookline Scooter Pilot. 173 riders responded to the survey, which included demographics to how the scooters have changed people's everyday transportation needs. Significantly, over 93 percent of respondents wanted a permanent scooter-share program in Brookline. Find the entire survey here.

"In the last six months, Lime's e-scooter program proved to be extremely popular, especially among Brookline residents and commuters," said Scott Mullen, Director of Northeast Expansion at Lime. "Brookline kicked off this innovative pilot to provide affordable and reliable mobility options, and along the way, the Town began addressing the need for new transportation infrastructure like micromobility parking spots and bike lanes. As the pilot winds down for the winter, we look forward to exploring ways to improve transportation networks around Brookline and greater Metro-Boston."

The survey shows how scooters have reduced riders' reliance on cars. Nearly 50,000 car trips were replaced over the course of the 150,000 rides taken.

  • 30.8 percent of riders used a Lime scooter rather than a car (personally owned, taxi, or ride-hailing).
  • 47.5 percent of riders used Lime to get to or from public transit within the last month.
  • 73 percent of riders live in households that have access to 1 or fewer cars.

Riders in the survey are overwhelmingly local to Brookline with 74% reporting that they live, work, or go to school in Brookline.

Riders found that there were barriers to using scooter in Brookline:

  • 61.8% of riders stated that they had wanted to ride a Lime scooter but there were none available nearby.
  • 21.4% of riders listed insufficient bike lane infrastructure as a reason they were unable to take a ride.
  • 25.4% of riders also reported that one reason they do not ride more frequently is because scooters are not available at certain hours of the day.


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