Making Our Mark: Climate Leadership Recognizes USC Sumter

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SUMTER, SC (04/24/2018) The University of South Carolina Sumter is one of 175 signatories that earned Marks of Distinction for the Climate Change Network in the areas of "Carbon Neutral Goal 2025" and "On Track."

Marks of Distinction is an initiative that recognizes a select group of signatories that set high-performance goals, demonstrate and report measurable progress toward those goals, and support Network activities.

For more than a decade, signatory institutions have shared their knowledge by developing climate action plans and annual progress evaluations. Until now, this information has never been used to recognize the accomplishments of individual schools. The Marks of Distinction recognize schools according to key performance indicators that demonstrate climate leadership.

"Second Nature's Marks of Distinction is perfectly aligned with USC Sumter's practice of setting high-performance goals and supports our climate leadership commitments. As leaders in higher education, we have the power to move the needle on climate change," Palmetto College Campus Dean Dr. Michael Sonntag said. "And, in doing so, we model for our peers, for other institutions outside our sector, and, most importantly, for our students, how to affect change. This new initiative will help us as we live our climate action goals every day and lead by example."

Marks of Distinction are awarded in three categories: performance, participation and goals.

The following are some facts about the program:

  • 175 signatories received Marks of Distinction representing 39 states
  • 82 signatories received at least 2 Marks of Distinction
  • 31 signatories received as least 3 Marks of Distinction
  • CA has 22 signatories and MA and PA each have 13 signatories receiving Marks of Distinction
  • 20 Associate Colleges and 5 Special Focuses signatories received Marks of Distinction
  • 5 signatories purchased 100% renewable energy
  • Colby College and Middlebury College have achieved carbon neutrality

USC Sumter will continue to stay on track toward building a better environment in all of the decisions made regarding buildings and grounds.