Mark Dunlap Honored as Central Penn College's Student of the Month

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Mark Dunlap, of Newburg, is a travel and tourism student at Central Penn College and the college's October 2011 Student of the Month.

SUMMERDALE, PA (10/27/2011)(readMedia)-- Congratulations and respect to Mark Dunlap for being selected to receive the esteemed title of Student of the Month for the month of October! Dunlap is majoring in Central Penn's travel and tourism program. After taking some time off and switching majors from the criminal justice program, Dunlap is set to graduate in 2012.

"This College has taught me that there is always something that makes the world a more interesting place", says Dunlap. "There is always something new to learn, whether it is practicing the pythagorean theorem or learning corporate marketing tips. Central Penn's professors offer an abundant amount of information."

Grateful for the knowledge gained from his classes, Dunlap intends to embrace his dreams of traveling and attaining a high managerial position in "a successful corporate travel agency for the government," he says.

Dunlap hails from a small town south of Harrisburg, Pa. called Newburg. He has lived there his entire life and, after completing his college career, he dreams of taking off at top speed to see the rest of the world and learn more and more with every step.

Like every student, one's drive can be lost as motivation may not always be at hand. When Dunlap has a motivational dry spell, he draws from his missionary experience during which he traveled to Tegucigalpa, Honduras. This trip ignited his passion for traveling and inspired him to pursue a career in the field. He now has his mind set on the finish line.

In closing, Dunlap mentioned, "I'd like to think that people perceive Central Penn to be a unique college that is focused on business and professionalism. Maybe even someday replace "college" with "university"... who knows? I like to dream BIG!"