NY Naval Militia Captain Bruce Barron, a Leroy resident, awarded NY Medal for Meritorious Service

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LATHAM, NY (06/26/2018) New York Naval Militia Captain Bruce Barron, a Leroy resident and local doctor, has been awarded the New York State Medal for Meritorious Service in recognition of his service as the Naval Militia's Force Medical Officer.

Barron, was honored for the work he did in identifying and training medical readiness personnel for the New York Naval Militia.

Barron also serves as the principle reviewer for the medical records of the 2,800 members of the Naval Militia to ensure their fitness for duty.

The New York Naval Militia is composed of current Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard Reserve members who agree to serve on state active duty when called by the state of New York. They put the skills they've honed in federal military service to work for New York.

A small number of Naval Militia personnel are retired military members.

Naval Militia members responded to Superstorm Sandy in 2012, the Buffalo snowstorm in 2014, Lake Ontario flooding in 2017 and snow storms in the Hudson Valley earlier this year.

The Naval Militia also operates a fleet of nine patrol boats which respond to state emergencies, augment law enforcement agencies and support the U.S. Coast Guard.The New York State Medal for Meritorious Service is awarded to members of the New York National Guard, the New York Naval Militia or the New York Guard who distinguish themselves by exceptionally meritorious achievement or exceptionally meritorious service.

Barron's award recognizes his contributions to the force from January 2015 to June 2018.

It was presented to Barron during a June 22 ceremony prior to a change of command ceremony in which responsibility for the New York Naval Militia passed from Naval Militia Rear Admiral Ten Eyck Powell to Rear Admiral Timothy Zakriski.