NYISO Strategic Plan: Sustaining Reliable Power with Grid Advances

RENSSELAER, NY (12/15/2016)(readMedia)-- Serving consumers' changing power needs, addressing public policy goals and maintaining grid reliability are key components of a multi-year strategic plan released today by the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO).

The NYISO's 2017-2021 Strategic Plan focuses on technology advances and infrastructure investment as it prepares New York's electric grid for the future. The integration of distributed energy resources and renewable power are a specific focus. While the electric industry is changing in response to trends ranging from low-cost natural gas to the improving economics of solar PV and storage technologies, sustained system reliability continues to be the hallmark of excellence in NYISO's operations.

"NYISO markets have a proven track record of pioneering changes to keep pace with technology, demand, fuel supply economics, and public policy. We are committed to providing real benefits to consumers, the environment and the economy as we lead the way in addressing future challenges and opportunities," said NYISO President and CEO Brad Jones.

Over the next five years, the NYISO will lead efforts in the following areas:

? Technology and Infrastructure Investment

o The NYISO will make strategic investments to develop technology that will expand regional coordination capabilities and create the platform to integrate more sophisticated tools for renewable and distributed resources.

? Integration of Distributed Energy Resources

o Working through its "DER Roadmap," the NYISO will develop the tools needed to plan and operate the bulk power system in an environment that includes greater levels of distributed energy resources. The NYISO, working with its stakeholders, will drive market design changes that support the reliable integration of new resource types.

? Integration of Public Policy

o The NYISO will assume a pivotal role in the integration of public policy objectives while taking appropriate steps to ensure that such efforts complement open, fair and competitive markets.

? Sustainable Business Model

o The NYISO will position itself to operate increasingly complex systems in an environment of strict cost pressure. The NYISO will meet these challenges by identifying cost drivers and taking steps to reduce those that can be managed.

? Reliability through Markets

o The NYISO will enhance its energy and capacity markets to promote efficient wholesale power markets in support of system reliability.

The Strategic Plan serves as the foundation for the NYISO's annual Business Plan, which establishes business and project priorities for the year to come. The plan is based on the NYISO Board of Directors' review of financial and regulatory outlooks, as well as the economic and environmental factors affecting market participants and stakeholders. It accounts for market and regulatory trends that will shape the industry going forward, and positions the NYISO's markets, planning processes, and operational practices for changes in the energy industry landscape.

With a strong focus on financial discipline, the NYISO remains committed to market transparency and to its role as a leader in grid reliability, market design and performance. The NYISO maintains robust planning processes; fosters technological innovation; and serves as an independent, objective and authoritative source of information for policymakers, market participants and consumers.

A copy of the plan is available on the NYISO website – www.nyiso.com.