NYSASBO Releases 2015 Legislative Report Card

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ALBANY, NY (10/13/2015)(readMedia)-- The New York State Association of School Business Officials (NYSASBO) released its first annual Legislative Report Card that grades state legislators on their votes on funding proposals and legislation that impacts school finances.

Legislators received grades A thru F based on their votes regarding the School Aid portion of the State Budget, changes to the Tax Cap and ten bills that would impact school finances. Legislators received extra points for sponsoring bills that improved school finances and lost points for sponsoring bills that were detrimental to school finances.

"This first annual Legislative Report Card is intended to educate taxpayers on their state legislator's positions on school funding, and to hold legislators accountable for their actions or failure to act," stated NYSASBO Executive Director Michael J. Borges.

"We realize some legislators will be unhappy with their grades, but we are more than willing to work with them over the next legislative session on a turnaround plan to improve their performance in time for next year's report card," continued Mr. Borges.

Nine out of ten bills legislators were graded on would save school districts money or improve their business operations. The remaining bill, which NYSASBO and other groups opposed, would increase capital construction costs for school districts and their taxpayers.

"School districts need a sound financial foundation in order to provide a sound basic education and key to both is the active involvement of the Education CFO or school business official," concluded Mr. Borges.

The 2015 Legislative Report Card can be found on NYSASBO's website at www.nysasbo.org.