NYSRPA candidate ratings for September 9 primary elections

ALBANY, NY (09/03/2014)(readMedia)-- The New York State Rifle & Pistol Association's candidate ratings for the primary elections are now available online:


NYSRPA President Tom King had this to say on the gubernatorial primary:

"The current office holder is unacceptable. That leaves voters with a choice of either Zephyr Teachout, a college professor whose public statements indicate she holds civil rights in contempt nearly as much as the incumbent, or Randy Credico, a political satirist and activist who seems to enjoy giving politicians the middle finger and who has made public statements opposing the incumbent's gun control scheme."

"The bottom line is that a vote for either Teachout or Credico is a repudiation of the incumbent's policies. Therefore NYSRPA encourages registered Democrats to vote for either of these candidates in the September 9 gubernatorial primary."

King concluded, "As for the legislative races, vote for the highest rated candidate. If the incumbent voted in favor of the SAFE Act, vote for their primary opponent no matter who that may be."