NYSRPA looking for candidates to primary incumbent state legislators

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ALBANY, NY (05/26/2015)(readMedia)-- It has become painfully obvious that our state legislature has within its ranks a great many of members who neither respect nor understand the inalienable rights as enjoyed by the American people since the founding of this great nation. These people are without the backbone or the will required to do what must be done so they must be ousted at the ballot box. These unrepresentative failures must be fired and replaced with Strong New Yorkers who without reserve or hesitation will stand tall and defend our second amendment rights. By making it so we will set the tone for all decision making in Albany and insure the rest of our God given rights will also be protected. It is with a Patriotic spirit that the New York State Rifle & Pistol association is looking for a few good citizens to run for office. If you are currently represented by one of the many who disrespect and disregard your constitutionally guaranteed rights, we want to hear from you. We need good and strong people to stand up and run for office. We also need good and strong people to stand with those who chose to run for office. We need people to do more than talk the talk, it is time to stand up and walk the walk. Let us know if you are willing to pledge your life, treasure and sacred honor to represent New Yorkers in the state legislature. Will you run for office? If not, let us know if you can host an event, walk door to door, network or simply donate to a worthy to a worthy candidate. Many hands will make this herculean task a light load. Democrats, Republicans, Conservatives and Independents are welcome. Preference for support in running for office will be given to those who are registered in the party that dominates the district in question because we are serious about making these changes. If you run, expect to win and be ready to take your place in Albany! Please send resumes and cover letters or volunteer responses to: primaries2016@nysrpa-pvf.org.