NYSRPA statement on candidates running in the May 5th Staten Island special election

A choice between bad and worse

ALBANY, NY (04/29/2015)(readMedia)-- When voters go to the polls on May 5th for the 11th Congressional District special election they have a choice between two undesirable candidates: Vincent Gentile and Daniel Donovan.

"While Vincent Gentile has a proven record hostile to 2nd Amendment civil rights, Dan Donovan is much worse," NYSRPA President Thomas King stated. "Donovan has used his position as Staten Island District Attorney for years to promote an elitist gun control agenda. He even accepted a $2700 donation for this race from antigun demagogue Michael Bloomberg."

While there is no positive candidate in this race, NYSRPA believes the public should have the knowledge to make an informed decision and would remind everyone that if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.