NYSRPA suggests Mayor Brown hold violent people accountable for their actions

ALBANY, NY (06/26/2014)(readMedia)-- Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown's proclamation calling June 25, "Gun Violence Awareness Day", shows how intellectually bankrupt the gun control movement is. Instead of offering solutions, they hold touchy-feely press conferences full of buzzwords but devoid of substance. If the Mayor and City Council are concerned about violence in the city then they ought to focus on the people actually committing such acts.

"Here's a radical idea for Mayor Brown: Hold violent, anti-social people accountable for their actions," NYSRPA President Tom King said. "Don't pretend that having 'community and political engagement events, and entertainment activities' is going to accomplish anything. That is nothing more than bread and circuses."

"Most importantly stop pretending that gun control is anything but citizen disarmament. Denying ordinary people the best and most effective means of personal protection does nothing but empower criminals and encourage their violent behavior," King concluded.