New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Opposes Recently-Passed Microstamping Bill

TROY, NY (05/19/2010)(readMedia)-- The New York State Assembly has once again embraced feel-good gun legislation that will – most likely at great expense – do nothing to make New Yorkers safer or apprehend criminals. The recently-passed bill requires all semi-automatic pistols manufactured or sold in the state to be capable of microstamping ammunition. Independent research (including a study conducted by the Suffolk County Crime Laboratory in Hauppauge, NY) has found microstamping technology to be ineffective and easily defeated. Moreover, this is single-source technology; its true cost to manufacturers and consumers is totally unknown.

We have gone down this road before. The CoBis database of cartridge cases was promoted as a state-of-the-art crime fighting tool when it was implemented in March of 2001. To date it has yet to help solve a single crime – and at a cost exceeding $30 million. Microstamping is simply more of the same. The NYSRPA urges New York's gun owners to contact their State Senators and ask them to reject this expensive lunacy.