New Yorkers rally for 2nd Amendment civil rights

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Event flyer

ALBANY, NY (03/20/2012)(readMedia)-- Thousands of ordinary people from across the state are coming to Albany today to show their support for the Second Amendment. Organized by the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association and held in the Well of the Legislative Office Building, the 3rd Annual Sportsmen and Outdoor Recreational Legislative Awareness Day gives citizens an opportunity to meet with their elected representatives and encourage the legislature to enact common-sense reforms to New York state firearms laws.

Primary issues include:

  • Making New York the 43rd state with a right to carry concealed firearms for personal protection law
  • Uniform laws and statewide pre-emption with no exceptions for New York City
  • Expanded civil immunity when someone uses a firearm in lawful self-defense
  • Repealing the 2000 ban on common firearms and accessories used for self-defense and recreation
  • Recognizing non-state residents right to possess and carry firearms for all lawful purposes
  • Eliminating the useless ballistic database COBIS
  • Funding public shooting facilities with the use of Pittman-Roberson monies
  • Expanded protection for shooting ranges from noise and environmental complaints
  • Tax relief for rod and gun clubs

And the most important issue of all: Applying the same standards of strict scrutiny to all laws relating to the Second Amendment as are currently applied to laws pertaining to the First Amendment.