OCTC Rover Team Participates in Owensboro Christmas Parade

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OWENSBORO, KY (11/19/2018) Owensboro Community & Technical College's Rover Team participated in the Owensboro Christmas Parade on Saturday, November 17, using the theme of "Wishing You a Peaceful Christmas on Earth...and Mars!". The team built the float using the actual competition rover, repurposing an old satelittle dish on campus as the base for Mars. Parade participants included: Mike Rodgers, Courtney Wright, Gage Cameron, Cassie Schultz, OCTC Rover Team Coach Shawn Payne, Ty Smith, Dr. Scott Williams, Jessi Wimsatt, OCTC's Pathfinder, Mary Kinney, Dr. Veena Sallan, Randy Crowe, Trace Crowe, Cindy Crowe, Dr. Meredith Skaggs, Bernie Hale, Danny Moseley, Taylor Crowe, Jeremy Hamilton and family.