PA Department of Environmental Protection Secretary Visits NCC

Patrick McDonnell meets with NCC's Dr. John Barkanic

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BETHLEHEM, PA (08/07/2018) Secretary Patrick McDonnell of Pennsylvania's Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) met with Dr. John Barkanic of Northampton Community College's (NCC's) Emerging Technology Applications Center (ETAC). Last year, ETAC received grant funding from the DEP to perform energy assessments for manufacturing companies in 22 counties in eastern Pennsylvania. Secretary McDonnell and Dr. Barkanic met to review the environmental and energy savings for the year.

The grant was awarded to reduce energy consumption and gain environmental benefit from the concomitant reductions in greenhouse gas and acid-rain producing emissions. The energy assessments performed by ETAC for fiscal year 2017-2018 potentially could reduce carbon dioxide by over 18 million pounds per year, sulphur oxides by over 68,000 pounds per year and nitrogen oxides almost 10,000 pounds per year.

Manufacturers were provided potential electric energy savings totaling over 3 million kilowatt hours and fossil fuel savings totaling over 105,00 MM Btu annually, which translates into significant cost savings.

Carbon dioxide is a known greenhouse gas and reductions in atmospheric emissions will reduce global warming. Sulfur and nitrogen oxides are known to form acids when combined with rain, having a detrimental effect on the environment.

ETAC is a not-for-profit, applied R&D center within The Center for Business and Industry at NCC in Bethlehem, PA. ETAC specializes in industrial process heating, drying, curing, melting, and energy efficiency of manufacturing unit operations. For more than 25 years the center has had a long-standing commitment as a resource to Pennsylvania's manufacturing base.

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