Public Showing of Documentary at Husson University on Uncovering Hidden World

BANGOR, ME (02/17/2014)(readMedia)-- The Gracie Theatre, on the Husson University campus, will be screening the film Mayan Blue on February 20, at 7:00 p.m. Todd Eastman, an assistant professor at the New England School of Communications at Husson University spent the past several years working on the documentary about an underwater city in Guatemala.

"Having the privilege to film in some of the most sacred places of the Mayan culture was humbling. For many viewers, these images would be some of the few visual connections they would have to these historic people of Guatemala. My cinematography needed to capture and reflect their beliefs and traditions," Eastman stated.

Mayan Blue distinguished itself as the "2013 Best Cinematography and Best Documentary" at the Geneva Film Festival and received the "Audience Choice Award" at this year's Savannah Film Festival. Eastman stated, "The last award of the night was "Audience Choice" and when Mayan Blue was announced as the winner out of all the films at the festival, I was surprised and excited."

Eastman's focus throughout the film centered on lighting and making sure every image of this murky hidden world was clearly visible to viewers. "We were coming onto Lake Atitlan after an algae bloom so the water was green. A lot of times the camera would accentuate the green so it would look worse than it actually was and nothing looks worse on the big screen than green water. It repulses the viewer," he explained. "As director of photography, I was responsible for whatever image was thrown up on screen. So I had to make some adjustments."

In reflecting on his experience, Eastman said, "I'm proud to have worked with such a talented director as Raphael Garcia. His passion and knowledge of the subject fueled the entire project."

"Every day of production, I had the opportunity to do what I love. I also found that immersing yourself in another culture, gives you an opportunity to learn an as much, about yourself as it does about other societies and traditions."

Tickets are not required for this event. All are welcome until capacity of the space is filled.

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