Rak promotes mental health, suicide prevention with inspirational mugs, website

A University of Arkansas at Little Rock student is promoting mental health awareness with one inspirational smiley-faced mug at a time.

Emilia Rak, a junior social work major, knows what it's like to live with mental health disorders and the challenges and stigma that can come from people who don't understand.

"I've struggled with mental health issues for several years, and I would become severely depressed," Rak said. "I had a very good friend, Renee. Her mother passed away a few years ago. She loved coffee, so at her funeral they had a coffee bar. Often, when I was feeling depressed, Renee told me that I had to have a coffee date with her mom in the morning. It was my promise not to harm myself until morning. For many years, my promise to my good friend was the only thing that kept me alive."

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