Reaction to Budget Proposal - Ron Deutsch, Executive Director, New Yorkers for Fiscal Fairness

ALBANY, NY (02/01/2011)(readMedia)-- "The Governor talked quite a bit about fairness today. We all realize that there must be sacrifice for the good of the state. However, the Governor is seeking sacrifice from the homeless, poor, sick, elderly, school children, state workers and municipalities while at the same time making sure the wealthiest New Yorkers see a $5 billion tax cut. That sounds more like a Fox News "fair and balanced" approach to state budgeting to me."

"I think the big winner in today's budget is the Committee to Save New York. They will be rewarded with a $5 billion tax cut and oodles of economic development dollars.

This budget will only exacerbate the growing divide between the haves and have not's in New York, which is already greater than any other state in the nation."