SUNY Delhi Director Earns Special Recognition from Assemblyman Miller

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LouAnn Matthews-Babcock, SUNY Delhi Director of Judicial Affairs, with Assemblyman Brian D. Miller

DELHI, NY (11/16/2017) (readMedia)-- LouAnn Matthews-Babcock, SUNY Delhi Director of Judicial Affairs, earned a citation from Assemblyman Brian D. Miller for her work instituting the college's Community Outreach Assistant Program.

The recognition was in response to the SUNY Council of Chief Student Affairs Officers naming Delhi's Community Outreach Assistant Program as an Outstanding Student Affairs Program within the state university system.

"SUNY Delhi's Outreach Assistant Program plays such an important role in the local community," said Assemblyman Brian Miller. "Not only do the Outreach Assistants work to engage students who live off-campus and keep them active in college life, but they also serve to bolster the relationship between the college and local residents. SUNY Delhi's innovative Outreach Assistant Program has aided in building a stronger relationship with the Village of Delhi by encouraging off campus students to be responsible, caring neighbors in the community. This program is to be commended for what it has achieved thus far and should serve as an example to colleges and the communities they are part of throughout the country."

Matthews-Babcock and Barbara Jones, retired Vice President for Student Life, founded the program in 2011 to connect community members and local business owners with students who live locally off-campus.

According to Matthews-Babcock, they were seeking a way to encourage inclusiveness, mutual respect, active communication, and civic responsibility and the Community Outreach Assistant Program was a solution. "Given that, on average, 300-400 students live locally in the Delhi community, it's important that we continue to enhance our preventative education efforts," she said.

The Community Outreach Assistant Program promotes leadership, particularly for the student peers who are selected as Community Outreach Assistants. They are selected based on maturity level and work ethic.

Each year two students are identified as Delhi's Community Outreach Assistants to foster positive campus/community relationships through regular communication and collaborative efforts. They provide education through outreach programs geared specifically to students living off campus. The assistants also serve as liaisons to the Village Police Department and residents and in that capacity, serve on the Mayor's Task Force. To further promote relations they assist with off-campus meetings, make house visits as necessary, organize off-campus clean ups and community service, and host an annual barbecue to bring students and community together socially.